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Overall Performance and Optizmation


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Hello all, I have been trying to understand what can be done to improve performance when needed. This might be a little naive, so let's see how this goes.

I am using octrees and messed around with the Scene Optimization stuff, but am still trying to understand all of my options for improving performance, here are some key things that come to mind, that I can't find the info on or having troubles finding it:

1) View distance of camera: I have seen some examples that are able to not show anything beyond a certain point (appears to be a radius).

2) Better understanding of how to make my own options with the ScenenOptimizer. I know it stated in the Tutorial, but an example of making custom options and implementing would be helpful. For example, creating something between Low and Medium Degradation, etc.

3) Are there any complied techniques on optimizing scenes or Do's and Don'ts. For example if I have multiple meshes that do not move in the scene, does merging them improve performance or anything like that?

An overall performance guide to utilizing Babylon.js would be really awesome. I wish I knew more of the fine detail, but I've yet to take a leap into the code (not sure where to start haha).

What comes to mind is the classic graphic settings in video games. I understand some of that is baked into the implementation and not the Babylon framework, such as providing different poly meshes using LOD and what not. This is my attempt to understand what Babylon.js already has built in.

Thank you!

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You ask all the features babylon has? it's hard to answer that kind of question. The ideal would be that there was a book that deals with Babylon.js and be written in English and also in French, but it does not exist yet.

but I'm sure one day it will be possible because BabylonJS is a really awesome engine that'll be talked about. Babylon will become the number 1 of webgl engines.

Meanwhile he do with the wiki and current documentation (new documentation should come very soon).

Do not hesitate to complete the wiki with what you would love to find for to learn babylon




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Of course there is alot of information there in regrads to Babylon.js as a whole. I was looking more specifically looking for info on the topic of optizimation and peformance, starting with the topics I listed. Anything is definitely appreciated and I would love to contribute as I can, but I don't know if I'm there yet.

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