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Which Phaser book would you like to see next?


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I would like to see a book on optimisation, and a class based approach - I've been making a few games for about 8 months now in Phaser and each one gets better and more efficient than the last. I have recently been using a more OOP approach - creating classes for each of my main game elements, which is more comparable to previous AS3/C# projects I have worked  - on It's still very trial and error though! 


I'm really grateful for the library of examples which are invaluable to discover new techniques and methods - but I must admit I struggle with the Learn documentation - as it tells you what classes / parameters are but gives no examples of how to implement them - which often leaves me stumped.


Some areas I think would be really useful:

State engine

Restart game state (resetting variables / tweens / initialising states etc efficiently)

Breaking game elements into classes (a bit like lessmilk's flappy bird example)

Using tilemaps

loading game data from json or xml - (rather than writing a massive create function)

Pixel perfect collision detection


Thanks for an awesome game engine btw - it's an excellent project and I'm trying to convert as many people to it as possible!

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