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Simulate a gear


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Hi CW84!  Welcome to the forum... and I hope it's ok to talk to you here on the Babylon forum.  Luaacro is on this forum, too, so he/she can reply more, here, if wanted.


Now, you want the red wheel to really "push" the black wheel, right?  No faking it with matched rotations.  You want "geartooth push", correct?


Well forget it.  hehe.  Not without gear-shaped physics imposters in the Cannon and/or Oimo physics engine addons. 


Physion for webGL.  Yeah, I could dig that.  :)  Got Cray?


*shrug*  You have an interesting project, Jeremy!  Gears, torque, friction, leveraging, fun physics.  It's all faked in computer graphics.  The real question is... how much continuous calculating do you want to apply to the faking.  *shrug*

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