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A phaser generator using typescript and gulp


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Hello guys,


Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Geoffroy Warin, entreprise javascript developper by day and an html5 game development junkie at night.

I really love phaser, I think it's fantastic work and as I kept experimenting with it, I realized I was always bootstrapping my projects the same way.


Copy my gulp file then create the small phaser bootstrap classes in typescript.

So I decided to create a yeoman generator :




It's really simple but you have nothing to do, just type 'gulp' on the command line and you will get :

  • Livereload
  • Autocompletion thanks to typescript definitions files
  • Typescript debugging in your browser with source maps

I also use it to deploy to github pages in one command ('gulp deploy').


Hope you will enjoy it. It can really be helpful if you want to dive into typescript or you wish to have an example of a good gulp build file.

I'm 100% open to pull requests and improvements.


Cheers !

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