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Found 16 results

  1. Phaser 3 BOILERPLATES | STARTERS Unify, upgrade, use. Last updated: March 6 Table of contents: 1. Intro 2. create-phaser-app 3. List of existing boilerplates 4. What kind of features we need/want 5. What's the point Intro: Hello there everyone! As Phaser 3 came out I immediately started to look after some Boilerplate which would take care of basic stuff and speed up the development. If you don't know what I am talking about, think of create-react-app, but for Phaser. There are a few already, however I think that is one of th
  2. Hi , I prepared an yeoman generator for phaser 3. It is supporting typescript , bower and webpack by default. npm install -g yo npm install -g generator-phaser-3-ts-boilerplate Also it is available via http://yeoman.io/generators/ type to search bar phaser-3-ts-boilerplate. Best Regards
  3. EDIT: TANKS TO :Jammy EDITOR: http://pixitools.jamdonut.com/ TANKS TO :bigtimebuddy FROM http://mattkarl.com/ EDITOR: https://pixijs.github.io/pixi-text-style/# SOURCE: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-text-style ___________________________________________________________ hi !, is there a pixi.text generator for the style. Because I find it very long to try different configuration styles without preview. similar as pixi-particles but for the text style ? http://pixijs.github.io/pixi-particles-editor/ thank a lot for help
  4. It's a pleasure to announce a texture generator "TexGen" to be used by BABYLON developers. Due to the excellent work of @NasimiAsl 's ShaderBuilder it's possible to build a somewhat generic shader and inject the runtime properties (uniforms) on the fly. I've designed a shader-script which takes altenative inputs, generates artificial normal maps, mixes with another optionally image and outputs a really nice 3D look of the (flat) inputs. Live system available HERE (updated) Key featuers: Alternative input sources: PatternGenerator, NoiseGenerator and plain image No need for n
  5. Hello Babylon.js Community, I am new to Babylon.js but very impressed by the framework so far. Nevertheless I would like to stay as much JS-framework agnostic as possible. Therefore I wish to use glTF as the data format so that I can (if required) switch to other frameworks and also take advantage of the many tools currently popping up (https://www.khronos.org/gltf) regarding this new format specially created for WebGL. So first I wanted to create a custom build including the glTF-Loader and stable 2.5 version using the “Babylon.js Generator” (http://babylonjs.com/versionBuilder). Bu
  6. Hello everybody! I am looking for procedural terrain generator. I'd like to achieve something like smooth hills or something like here. In the last link there is a beautiful and smooth terrain. I thought about Perlin Noise generator, but I am not sure if is it possible with this function. Maybe do you know something that I can achieve with.
  7. Hello, is it the correct behaviour that instances that are being disposed doesn't get removed from ShadowGenerator.getShadowMap().renderList ? I have the refreshrate set to 0 and only render with shadow on demand. if (_renderShadow && this._manuallyShadowRender) { this._shadowGenerator.getShadowMap().refreshRate = 1; this._scene.render(); this._shadowGenerator.getShadowMap().refreshRate = 0; } else { this._scene.render(); } Is this a problem i this case? I just want to know (maybe it's a bug). Shouldn't ShadowGenerator check the Mesh.isDispos
  8. So yea, my internet was out yesterday and today... soooo I decided to go ahead and create my first written tutorial. Um I hope you like it? https://pryme8.github.io/Das_Noise/Tutorial_1/ Comments, Concerns, Criticism?
  9. Hi all, I'm starting a new Phaser project and I thought I'd take a look at the options for project generators out there. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of options and while I'm sure most of it is down to personal preference, I'd love to hear some opinions on the best way to go. I've worked on a couple of projects in the past that have used Codevinsky's generator, which was great and got me into using prefabs and the like, but that hasn't been updated in over 2 years. These days everyone's talking about ES6. I ran into some problems in the past with inheritance and thought being ab
  10. http://pryme8.github.io/TERIABLE/ I will be pushing updates to this github quite often. Features Soon to be implemented : - More Noise Types - Natural Filters for Erosion and Coastlines ect... - Procedural Shades with Editable base textures - Built in Image Editor and Paint program for texture creation and 3d painting Layers. - Infinite Mode - Spherical Mode - Export (the Region as a fixed object, or as a Dynamic one) I am only two days into development so yeah stay tuned... *** UPDATES *** I added the ability to delete and move the item nodes in the fil
  11. Hello! I have started a sellfy in which I will post source code of project that is documented and a great way to learn Phaser, also a great way to support me too! https://sellfy.com/SiLD11 Thank you!
  12. So I have tried to develop several games where multiple objects are produced and they move from pointA to pointB and then disappear (deleted) and are no longer required. I have tried many approaches tweening, physics with gravity when they need to fall from a point to a point, also I had the objects on recycle so only the alive ones were rendering. But still the performance took a serious hit even with no more than 50 objects (yes all animating or falling at the same time) and settled around 30-40fps (which is horrible for a simple game) So I was wondering what is the most perfomant approa
  13. Hi phaser users, I think it's time to introduce it to the public since scene and prefab generation feature is just finished. Full features listed: Easy and efficient workflow powered by Node.js and Gulp.jsES6 module supportScene(state) and prefab generatorFast live reload with BrowserSyncDeploy with one line commandFor more details, please check the repo: https://github.com/pixelpicosean/slush-phaser-project NOTE: please always update to latest version before using, the project is under heavy development currently. Some screenshots: Why build ANOTHER generator? Phaser is designed wit
  14. Hi fellow devs! I'd like to share with you an app I've been working on for the past couple months. http://www.glyphite.com I present...Glyphite! A fast, clean, and affordable Bitmap font builder. Glyphite runs entirely in your browser so you never have to download an app. Choose from a (soon-to-be) massive selection of Photoshop-quality presets and tweak shadows, strokes, and fills to your heart's desire. When you're done, you can export in the standard BMFont format with more formats coming soon. Glyphite caters to every member of your team, from designers to developers to marketers.
  15. For everyone who needs a NormalMap Generator for Windows, Mac, Linux and whatever...: I have build an online in-browser free normal map generator. http://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/ Screenshot: Please give feedback, post ideas or problems you encounter. Greetz, Christian
  16. Hello guys, Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Geoffroy Warin, entreprise javascript developper by day and an html5 game development junkie at night. I really love phaser, I think it's fantastic work and as I kept experimenting with it, I realized I was always bootstrapping my projects the same way. Copy my gulp file then create the small phaser bootstrap classes in typescript. So I decided to create a yeoman generator : https://github.com/geowarin/generator-phaser-gulp-typescript It's really simple but you have nothing to do, just type 'gulp' on the command line and you will get : Live
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