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Phaser / tiled / object layers


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Hi Guys

Basically i'm making a game that is basically a water level.  I've been fooling around with tiled and I have something kinda ok (see 1st attached image) but getting that to display properly is 

really frustrating me! Any help would be appreciated!


Here's the gist - on my tiled_collision_layer is the walls and 2 platforms.
On the tiled_animated_layer (object layer) is all the seaweed.
I added the seaweed to the object layer because I wanted to add in all those to phaser as sprites and have them tween at different angles at different times.
Trying to produce a swaying effect, like they were under water.
I'm bringing in the objects layer with the 
this.levelMap.createFromObjects(blah, blah, blah...)

and assigning them to a group. Like the official phaser example: 




That did not work - the sprites that did make over are hidden behind the walls and platforms and are not in the same positions that they are in Tiled.


In Tiled I have rotated them and placed them without respect to the grid (see attachment 2).


Am I barking up the right tree here?  Should I be using Tiled for the seaweed at all? Should I just add the sprites manually in a group in phaser an tween them from there.


I assume that would be costly and doing this tiled/tilemaps gives better performance.


Any ideas/experiences on working with object layers?


Thank you.





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the only thing i can say here is that i know these problems very well..  i create all my game objects from tiled objects ... depending on their ID i assign them to different groups and then i call group.forEach()  on every group..


what happens next is besides all the settings those objects need (physics) of course the x and y adjustment.   tiled seems to measure the x and y position a little bit different and activating physics on a sprite changes the anchor to 0.5,0.5 therefore ALL my objects are out of place..     but it's not a big deal..  just find out the right adjustment and apply it in your code..  

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Phaser doesn't support rotating on Tiled (tell me if it does now)...


But how are they "hidden"? If you mean they are rendered too early, then just switch the order ;)

I've made successfully sprites (just images) to appear with TIled using the object layer (and that is so much faster than adding them manually).

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