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i want to remake my older game into html5 but all my images have got white backround and i need transparent background... How to do it? I do not want to use photoshop, because it is pixelart and very small sprites... I need some tool to replace white colour with transparent.... ANy suggestion? 



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Can't you select your white places with the magic wand in paint.net or gimp and delete the space?

if you have spaces with not full transparent may try in gimp color to transparent (color -> color to transparent) but this tool may not effect exactly what you want, i would just use it at edges to transparent


Edit: you can also use select by color ( http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-tool-by-color-select.html )

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PM me one of your image and I do it for you. Why you do not want to use Photoshop? Photoshop has no problem with small images or an pixel art.

Maybe because using Photoshop for that would be like killing a fly with a bazooka.


Gimp does it fine like OadT said. Maybe it wasn't working because you didn't pick the right color, or you had an active selection ;)

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