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Load mesh blender but collisions dont work


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Since some month, I have discover Babylon.js framework, and it's a very good work for developper.  :)


In my project to learn this framework, I have load a ground with wall and a cube to simulate a person.

I have activate all collisions for all meshes, physics (mass, shape: box) and export with the extension blender.

I have test in sandox offline and my blender file work.


After, I have create a script in JS and all meshes are load successfuly, but collisions doesn't work!


I have find a tutoriel who need to create a bounding box to use .intersectsMesh(), but nothing work too. 

I think I have forget something, but I don't see.


Can you help me, plz?


Thank you very much.


Here the begin of my project to undestand my problem and see scripts: 




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