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How does Monkey compare to others HTML tools on mobile?


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Hi folks,


for the last two years I bascially use Monkey a lot for my own projects.

Monkey also has a HTML5 target which runs great on Desktop and good on my Kindle Fire 7. But is there something better?


I would like to know if someone has compared Monkey to other toolsets and what their results was.


As I want to target mobile via HTML5, I am after a good performing framework/toolset which handles sound playing good enough.


Any input is welcome.




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I suspect this isn't a black/white question and really comes down to what sort of game you're making, and at what resolution. If you've been using it a lot already then I'd try taking a game you've already got and just producing a mobile htm5 version of it - then people here can test it across devices and you'll get a feel for if it works well or not.

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