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my new phaser isometric board game: www.battleofhoth.com


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I've made this and just now put it up: http://www.battleofhoth.com It's for touch screen devices (I've just tested my HUDL2 so far)


Its a 2 player chess-like turn based board game, based upon the Lego Battle of Hoth game (3866)

  • Win by destroying the opposition or reaching their back line.
  • Empire starts, each 'turn' consists of 2 'actions': move 1 square or shoot. can be done by any piece in any order
  • Each piece has a different firing pattern (shown in bottom left)
  • Each piece has health of : 1 for vehicle (if any) plus all microfigs
  • Hits occur 66% of time, removing 1 health from the piece shot, which loses a microfig to indicate damage
  • Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker's armies can do a Force Hit 33% of the time which completely destroy the piece hit
  • its got 5 randomly picked levels

lots of atmospheric sounds and some little animations


It uses the Isometric plug-in for Phaser


Its finished enough to work well but I've got more to do.



P.S. it does not correctly resize on tablets. In landscape I lose the bottom edge of the game as it run to screen width which is a narrower aspect ratio.

Flipping it up to portrait works but it is then limited to portrait width.

Can anyone tell me quickly what to do?

Can anyone tell me how it looks on ipad / iphone / windows touch?


I'm not sure what to do with it next, I might open source it on github (I've got lots of ideas but short of time)


Tell me what you think.



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I've made some improvements:

- fixed its sizing issues

- added a menu for pause, reset, toggle snow on / off (as thats got to be a killer on the processing), some instructions , reset (and so change the map)

and a a link to my public repository FORK ME ON BITBUCKET




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