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Collision problems, is it really supposed to work like this?


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I'm looking around for a suitable framework for my next project and now I'm looking at Phaser. It seems really nice overall and I've just finished the "Making your first game" tutorial. It all works fine except for one thing.


I've tweaked the gravity for the stars so that they fall a bit faster and now I'm experiencing issues where they sometime fall straight through the platform. You can see this for two of the stars in this video:


This little issue is occurring perhaps 1/5 of the time I run the game. Which is of course not acceptable if I was to use this in a commercial project. Is it only the arcade physics that works this bad or will I experience the same problems with the other physics classes? I'm by the way running the game in chrome and with a GTX770 graphics card and i5 2500k so the game runs pretty smooth. 


I think I've read somewhere that this problem can occur on very low frame-rates and if the objects are moving very quick. But I'm not experiencing bad frame rates and the stars aren't moving very fast neither. 


Tell me if you want to see any of my source code but it's really just the same as for the tutorial. 



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