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First game


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Hey all,


     I completed the prototype for my first game.  It's based on Defender has been a ton of fun to develop.  This was an exercise in learning Phaser and game development (this is the first game I created). The game is built from the ground up.


Some notes...


Object is to protect the humans by shooting the UFO's that come from the mother ship.  


The UFOs will come to kidnap the humans on the ground


Some of the UFO's will chase you (the rocket).  


You have a shield and a power blaster to help.


Some of the way the coding is broken up is just the way I like to organize things, the final programming gets put together with grunt.js


There is no real "end game" state (yet) once the rocket is gone the game is over and you need to reload the page to replay.




On a desktop use the arrow keys to control the rocket, the "s" key to fire the lasers, "d" to fire the power blaster and the "a" for the shields


On a mobile device use the joystick to the left to control the rocket, use the large middle button on the right to fire the laser, Blue button to fire the power shield and the Green button to use the shield.


The Game




Documented code 





Like I said, this has been a blast to develop.  The more I got into it the more impressed I am with Phaser.  Next up, develop levels and the final graphics.




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