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view/game content independent of screen resolution


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Is it possible to create view where game content is independent of screen resolution in pixi.js? I mean that game content is scaled, so game appears the same on lower and higher resolution (yeah, there is an aspect ration that needs to be solved too).


I have found this tutorial:


But I think it's just silly to apply scaling on all objects before render and after render to reset it. :rolleyes:


I checked the demos and Run Pixie Run appears to have change size of the game content to fit the screen (maybe I didn't dig in the code deep enough, but it doesn't appear to be... self describing).

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You can try something like that in your index.html:

function resize() {            var screen_height = window.innerHeight;            var screen_width = window.innerWidth;            var width = screen_width;            var height = screen_height;            if(screen_height > screen_width){                var ratio = stage.canvas.height/stage.canvas.width;                height = ratio * screen_width;            }else{                var ratio = stage.canvas.width/stage.canvas.height;                var width = screen_height * ratio;            }                        canvas.style.width = width+'px';            canvas.style.height = height+'px'; } window.addEventListener('resize', resize, false);
Also call resize() after you initialization function.
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