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Looking for mobile game developer


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Hi all :),
I am new in this forum, so first of all I introduce my self: I'm an Italian developer (Flash/PHP mainly) and I made some game in past but mainly with Flash/Actionscript and mainly sport/soccer based.
Considering that now I have some idea for different kind of games, and considering I'm not yet too "good at" on html5 / mobile, I'd like to "pass" this work to someone with previous experience on mobile platforms.

In short terms, I'm looking for a developer to create some mobile game.
Actualy I've 2 game in mind that I'd like you to "bring to life" :), but if the collaboration will be okay I can also bring some more work (I already prepared design doc and presentation material for another game).
These two games would be "physics based", so developers with previous expriencies (and possibly demos) with distance and physics game will have some more chance to be chosen xD
First game is nothing so "new", a classic "block balance" game: for this, some exprience in level design, that's usually important in this kind of games - will be a "plus".
Another one is a physics game but without complex physics, but I'll give full details to interested people: nothing revolutionary in game design, just to not make the thread too long :D

I'd also plan to create a new version of a soccer/distance game and also a platform, but these would be projects to do in case first two collaborations will go fine 'cause they're more complex / long to develop, so I prefer to evaluate how we work toghether starting with something "small".

I've no preferences on framework or language you would use but I'd like to have a good compatibility (iOs and Android) and - if possible - also a web working version: I know there's some platform that allow this sort of "multi-export" but I'm open to suggestions in case that those systems should not guarantee good results/performances, so if you suggest to focus "only" on mobile, you're welcome.

I'm already in contact with an artist so I'll provide the artworks and animations, plus I can help you testing the game on some smartphone (galaxy Grand Neo and Galaxy S4) and tablet (Galaxy Tab 7 and 8"), so another preference will go to developers that can test at least the "iOS side" on their own.

Ok, I think it's quite all...if you're a developer with mobile previous experience, especially in physics game, and search for some new work, feel free to contact me at brolywebg[email protected] , possibly with a link to one/some previous work.
Capability to do game translations would be a plus, but isn't mandatory. I can provide the italian translations for menu and in-game texts, english as mothertongue language by the developer wouldb a plus to avoid some mistake xD

The collaboration can be paid (we can speak about the budget and the payment splitting by email) or a revenue share. I think we can discuss the terms in a next step, also basing on your feedback on the game ideas: obviously it would also be possible to have one paid and one in revenue share...it depends if you'll consider the ideas worth to "risk" or if you prefer the "immediate damn money" smiley-money-mouth.gif

Feel free to ask more infos here in thread :)

Thanks in advance for your time and your attention, feel free to ask more details. Just, please, if you are interested, send a little introduction and a link to some game you did!


Cheers :)



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