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BitmapData vs RenderTexture


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Not sure if this topic has been covered somewhere, but I'm trying to decide whether to use a BitmapData or a RenderTexture...


I want to create some background scenery by drawing a bunch of different plants and trees which are sprites, and then hopefully create a static texture that would render a lot faster than rendering all the sprites separately.


Ideally I could dynamically create a single Phaser.Image and add that to the world... there are some examples doing this with a BitmapData, but I'm not sure what the pros/cons of using RenderTexture instead might be.


Also wondering about max width/height in such a scenario...


Thanks a lot!



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What is the best way to "hopefully create a static texture".  He can use a BitmapData, draw to it, and then create a new Phaser.Image using that BitmapData instead of a texture.  This works.  But it means if you have 20 say, icons, you have 20 BitmapData. 

Since a BitmapData wraps a HTMLCanvasElement, we could use toDataURI() to get out an encoded string.  But then you kind of have some weird encoded string base64..... How does that fit into phaser? Sounds slow to me. 

+Everything rich asked.



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