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cloning a complex model.....


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Hi everybody !!!  I have tried a lot of thing but still no success.....  I am trying to clone a model but it doesn't work (for me)....  I have read documentation and follow tutorials and I am not able to do that task....  Any help will be very appreciated....




Benoit  Here's the model and below is the html file...




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Your use of the term 'model' does not actually correspond to anything.  Do mean mesh or scene?  Meshes have a clone method & a constructor  in 2.0 that can take a source mesh to base as a clone.


Think you are talking about a scene though.  Scene is not cloneable.  Do you want like a split screen showing a scene from multiple angles / cameras?

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Yes it's exactly that....  Sorry I am French-Canadian and sometimes the words are not there......  The story is :  I have the mannequin and yes I want to split the screen in two.  Because I want one that shows the model in front and the other one by the side....  Is it possible to split the screen.  Later I will integrate a scene to my model but for right now I am just concentration on having two views of my model in the browser.....


Thank you very much....



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