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Android apps using Babylon.js


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As you may already know, the WebView for Android is typically an older version of Chromium ( that lacks WebGL support.


I recently had the need to create an Android app using Babylon.js and ended up using Crosswalk and Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova. It seems like a pretty good solution for some Babylon.js scenarios (performance is adequate, there is some bloat added to your app size).


Anyway, in case it is helpful, I made...




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Always good to get a step by step to a mobile deployment approach that I did not know about.  Seems like there are now a couple of alternatives in addition.  They all have their own capabilities / issues.  I have / am playing with CocoonJS.  Is multiplatform, but there some things that bother me.


Anyone tried the Haxe port (especially interested in a mobile target)?  What about ease of development?  CocoonJS has an app, which allows you do dev directly on device.


Wish there was some comprehensive breakout that lays out a table of capabilities vs the platforms.  Capabilities like:

  • mobile targets available
  • Web Audio API
  • device orientation API
  • web workers capable
  • dev directly on target device
  • DOM / CSS limitations
  • Cordova
  • ...
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