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Setting submaterials name in Blender exporter


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Could it be possible for the Blender exporter to assign submaterials names specified in blender to the submaterials created in BJS (like it does for the materials when no submaterials used) ?


That would be very usefull, because for what I know Blender doesn't use submaterials id (like 3DSMax does, for instance), so it sometimes difficult to identify correct submaterial in BJS.

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What are you talking about names of multi-materials?


Materials are named using a "filename.blender mat name" pattern.  This allows multiple .blend file to have the material "red", and not have a name collision if multiple .blends are loaded.


Multi-materials also use a namespace pattern, "filename.Multimaterial#N".  I do not see where the material_slots actually have a name.

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Sorry, my bad. It works as expected. In fact in some previous tests in the PG (playground) all submaterials names were null, that's why I (falsely) thought that the exporter doesn't take materials name when subMaterials involved, but after a fresh reboot of my browser now they all have their correct names.

Everything's fine !


(BTW, I've pretty identified now that when clone method is used, it sometimes make the playground crashes on FF... It then acts strangely, sometimes a script is running forever, sometimes "null" objects occurs... But unfortunatly I don't have a precise guide to follow to reproduce...)

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