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why does my game lagging when played on firefox?


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I was having the same issue, but now my Firefox (v 35.0.1) runs my game ABOVE 60fps (around 62-65fps) while the same exact stuff going on in Chrome Canary (42.0) is ranging from 40 to 54 with very brief peaks to 64.  The dips to 40 are brief as well.


Firefox performance got a lot better when I started stripping out everything I could from the game's update function and thought of when I would really need to update certain things.  That seemed to have boosted performance on Firefox in a huge way while leaving Chrome's performance relatively the same.


edit: Wow, I take that back.  I had my Chrome running on my secondary monitor which has a refresh rate of 60hz.  I moved it to my main monitor which has a refresh rate of 144hz and FPS stays above 70 and keeps peaking in the late 120s and up to 134.

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