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Strange bug : instanced subMeshes doesn't render on Chrome


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When a mesh has submeshes and submaterials, everything is ok. When a mesh is instanciated, everything is ok.

But when a mesh with submaterials is instanciated, the instances submeshes and original mesh's submeshes other than the first one doesn't appear anymore in Chrome windows version, however they appear correctly in IE, FF and Chrome under linux.


You can check this PG :



Any idea ?

Is it something that can be corrected. Is it google fault ? If it's google fault how can we tell them ?


Edit : chrome linux version where it works is "Version 40.0.2214.111 (64-bit)", and it also works on Chrome mobile. Chrome Windows users, does it work on yours, and which version ?


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For bug reporting do you think it's better to create a simplified test page (the playground is pretty complex, with lots of external tools) ?


And better to report inside Chrome browser help>issue-reporting or directly in Chromium Blink issue tracker


I know, that's plenty of annoying questions but reporting a bug to google is pretty far from my usual sphere of operation :P

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