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Support for DrawOrder during animation?


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I'm using pixi.js with spine.js, everything works fine until changes are made to the draw order during the animation. The character is still animated, but the attachments become swapped incorrectly at the time keys where the draw order was changed. For instance the head is placed where the foot should be and vice versa.




Is there any solution to get animated draw order to work?

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Hi ivan.popelyshev,


The drawOrder patch does work, thanks!

However it also breaks ik, specifically changes in direction for ik.

For example, while the arms appear correctly on top of the face, the legs bend backwards with the patch

Without the patch, the legs bend correctly, but the arms appear incorrectly under the head


post-13060-0-39573900-1426615697.png post-13060-0-68714800-1426615698.png


Any ideas on a fix to keep drawOrder and ik direction changes during animation?

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