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WAMPserver + phaser-examples/examples = 500 internal error


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I am just starter and my question may be silly (:

I installed WAMPserver and cloned phaser-examples to "home" folder (so I can access it on localhost/phaser-examples). As I understood, I need to run localhost/phaser-examples/examples or localhost/phaser-examples/examples/index.html but neither of it works, and I get "500 Internal Server Error".


On the other hand, "hellophaser" works perfectly, and also I am able to load part f page by opening examples/index.html directly.

Here are some screenshots to illustrate the problem:

1) http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/500-internal-error.1424334943.png

2) http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/failed-to-load.1424334962.png


I am running Windows 7 64bit, Firefox 35.0.1, WAMP server. Skype is shut down.


Thank you in advance!

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