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Performance V2.0 +


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On my editor, I was previously at 55/60 FPS and I am from V2 30/40 FPS without anything changing. So performance is divided by 2 without having to change my scene.

Would there not something that consumes more about the engine?

and when I turn off all in the debug layer (collision meshes ...) my FPS does not rise.

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And can you find which version (I mean which push on the github) introduces this problem?


We added so many things to v2.0 that it is almost impossible to find the problem without more info


Can you try to find where performance is lost ? (using the profiler or whatever)


I did a lot of testing and I did not see any issues but I can be wrong (I'm often:))

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I'll try to understand what has driven FPS on stage by disabling partie of code and see the results.


Because my editor uses nearly all of the engine (s finally the main feature is going to say.) As soon as I'd be more I relancerais it. (Even if it is to say that the error comes from me :))

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That's strange. I turn off everything on the stage 100% with debugLayer, the stage is empty and I have 43 FPS.


So I was 0 Draw Calls, what could eat me 17 FPS.


It's not my PC because all the demo site, I'm 60 FPS and on my other project too. is that this project there.


No idea what could eat 17 FPS on an empty sene?


And as proof:


[edite] It seems that this is the debugLayer that eateth me 15 FPS because if I disable and reactive, I see my 58 FPS has come down 43/44 FPS


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