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Hi again. Onem more question.

What is the best way way to convert maya animated characters to babylonjs.

Until now, I make objects in maya, export .fbx, import in blender, and from there export .babylon

Now I use online converter, for a .fbx animation, but it doesn't convert animations, only the mesh, without animations.

If i save animation .dae and try to convert with online converter, i take a error    "The driver has encountered an unexpected error.".

Another posibility exists?

Or will be available a plugin for maya in next versions of babylon?


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We have no plan to build a Maya exporter. The best options are today the 3DS Max exporter which is by far the most advanced then the Blender exporter. Best option would then be to open your Maya scene in 3DS to export to .Babylon.

We're still thinking on ways to improve the conversion process. Unity will be our next step but we have other ideas (like working closely with Clara.io for instance).


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Hi. I install 3DS Max, and put the .dll files for exporter. I works fine for static mesh, but an anime mesh not work, I got :


"Too many bones influences per vertex: 5. Babylon.js only support 4 bones influences per vertex."


Same animation works fine if I export it from blender.

I;m totaly noob with 3DS Max, and I don't know, I need to set something more in Max?


Thanks a lot.

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And one more little problem.

Function mesh.lookAt(), doesn't work with mesh exported from 3ds max. It is because 3ds max has z ax insteed of the y ax ? Is there a way to reverse them?


I try without function look.At()

    x0 = obj.position.x;    y0 = obj.position.y;    z0 = obj.position.z;    x1 = obj.path[obj.index].x;    y1 = obj.path[obj.index].y;    z1 = obj.path[obj.index].z;    delta_x = x1 - x0;    delta_y = y1 - y0;    delta_z = z1 - z0;    goal_dist = Math.sqrt( (delta_x * delta_x) + (delta_z * delta_z) )        rot = Math.atan2(delta_x, delta_z);    if (goal_dist > SPEED/2)    {        x_move = delta_x * ((SPEED/2) / goal_dist);        y_move = delta_y * ((SPEED/2) / goal_dist);        z_move = delta_z * ((SPEED/2) / goal_dist);                obj.rotation.y = rot+Math.PI;              obj.rotation.z = rot+Math.PI;       // no result, my mesh doesn't want to rotate where I want )        obj.position.x += x_move;        obj.position.y += y_move;        obj.position.z += z_move;                //obj.lookAt(new BABYLON.Vector3(obj.path[obj.index].x, obj.path[obj.index].y,obj.path[obj.index].z));    }else{        if (obj.index<obj.path.length-1)        {            obj.index++;        }else{            obj.index = 0;        }    }
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