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Sprite Tutorial mistake?


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Hey there,


I am currently on part 7 of the playpen-tutorials, featuring sprites. 3- Sprite animation: I am not a native english speaker, but as far as I understand, there should be a large image which contains 43 64x64 images for the character. But I just can see the one picture there which is already used in the tutorial. Am I missing something?




As always, thanks for help!


EDIT: I downloaded the .zip from the playground and got the player texture. I still think there is a mistake on the website. See it as a bug report  ^_^

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Hi guys!


Missing from doc:  http://www.babylonjs.com/tutorials/08%20-%20Sprites/08-2.png


It is supposed to be just after "Here is what a complete sprite image looks like:"


It is probably a mistake I made during the documents move to BabylonDoc.  Sorry about that. 


I have fixed it.  Thanks for pointing it out!

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