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Infinite World Bounds?


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I have an infinitely scrolling tile sprite as the background for my game. I want to use a camera to move instead of creating the illusion of movement by using: bg.tilePosition.x -= player.spd


But, since the background is infinite and I need to set the world bounds, it can't be an infinite world. What would be the best way to do this?



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Have you tried what's been tried in some doodle jump like games:

  • A world that is 2 times larger and higher than the camera "window"
  • Camera follows the player
this.game.camera.follow(this.player);this.game.camera.focusOnXY(0, player.position.y);
  • Constantly move the world bounds
//Position and size the worldthis.game.world.setBounds(windowWidth + player.position.x, windowHeight + player.position.y, windowWidth*2, windowHeight*2);//Move the tilesprite (fixed to camera) depending on the player's positiontileSprite.tilePosition.y = -camera.view.y;
It should do the trick.
I never use tile map with tiles positionned so I can't help you with this. But with "normal" sprites manually positionned it should work fine. We define the world's bounds but objects position are still relative to where they first were.
I have already done it before, only in a doodle-jump like game but this should also work on the horizontal axis.
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