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Since I wasn't very specific on the job there has been some confusion: The project is not going to be a game or complete appWe will have several smaller projects / utilities around PIXI as well as some consulting around PIXI and related technologies.  Example:


Project PIXI.Graphics Extention

This project should be written as extension / plugin or patch to PIXI v2.  The work will be attributed to you and be open source on GitHub.


The API of PIXI.Graphics should be extended with the following functions:

  • beginBitmapFill

  • beginLinearGradientFill

  • beginLinearGradientStroke

  • beginRadialGradientFill

  • beginRadialGradientStroke

  • decodeJSON


The begin* should work exactly like in EaselJS:  http://www.createjs.com/Docs/EaselJS/classes/Graphics.html


Example usage:



decodeJSON should draw something according to the given data. (Format description with example will be provided via email)

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We are again looking for freelancers with PIXI experience!  Experience with (direct) WebGL is a big plus.


Just with my last post: The project is not going to be a game or complete app.  We will have several smaller projects / utilities around PIXI as well as some consulting around PIXI and related technologies. 

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