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Create a white Tiles Floor with reflection


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Hello guys,


I'm trying to create a realistic white tiles floor like that (but just with white square) : http://people.mozilla.org/~sicking/webgl/ray.html


Here is my example : http://martinstosch.free.fr/ASUPP/example2.html

(you can download it with library and picture files here : http://martinstosch.free.fr/ASUPP/example2.zip )

I don't understand why the black line color change with the light, while I used an emmisiveTexture ?


And unfortunately, I believed that the reflection is visible only only dark surface :(

While we can see reflection on white square in the mozilla's example.


I do not have a graphic design talent, if anyone knows how to make a realistic tile, I'm interested :)

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I'm not sure why the mirror texture makes the tiles turn from black to gray, but I will let you work on that.

I have the "reflection distance to surface" in line 31 ... set at -2.0 units.  That is too high (too far from surface) considering the sphere is sitting UPON the surface.  Reduce that number at will, or maybe raise (y-axis) the sphere position +2.

You're getting 5-star service from Mr. Wingnut today, eh?  ;)

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