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Loading multiple JSON files with AssetLoader

Son of Bryce

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Hello ya'll,


   I've got a basic question but I wanted to get opinions of the easiest way to load a JSON file and access it immediately after.


   I based this on one of the examples:

var assetsToLoader = ["assets/GameData.json"];loader = new PIXI.AssetLoader(assetsToLoader);// create a new loaderloader.onComplete = onJsonLoaded;	// use callbackloader.load(); //begin load

   My problem is I didn't understand how I'm supposed access the JSON object after it's loaded. Is the object passed into onJsonLoaded or is there a method within AssetLoader to access it. And would that work for multiple files as well?



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I went through the source of PIXI, and to my understanding the JSON code gets passed as a property of the this object that is sent to the callback. You should be able to access it using this.json .


At least that's what I think right now. But it might also an illusion coming from sleep-deprivation.

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Thanks for the reply.


It seems like "this.json" isn't working. From what I can tell the only properties it has are "assetURLs", "loadCount", "loadersByType" ( which has a "json" object but doesnt appear to have any data). I'm trying to figure it out by debugging with FireBug.


I found some examples of using the JsonLoader object somewhere in the source. I may just try that. I thought it would be a lot easier if I could bulk load everything at once with the AssetLoader and access the objects from that. Which is what it seemed to be for.

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That is exactly what it is for, but the json loader was really intended to load sprite sheets and spine data into the pixi cache. You can load and use json data by creating a JSON loader explicitly and using that, unfortunately that is the only way to load arbitrary json right now. We are in the processes of a large pixi release which will revamp a lot of these "extra" modules so hang in there.


For now, loading json can be done like:

var loader = new PIXI.JsonLoader(url);loader.on('loaded', function(evt) {    //data is in evt.content.json    evt.content.json});loader.load();
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