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Assigning collision detection on imported meshes


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I'm currently working with a project where I decided to use babylon.js, and is a newbie on the framework.


I have imported a BIM-model which consists of hundred of meshes into babylon, and wondered if there is a way to check collisions for all these meshes without have to get each mesh by name,

var mesh = getMeshByName("meshName");

 and then assign it

mesh.checkCollisions = true;

Is there a way to loop through all the importet meshes without getting them by name?

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Thanks. Exactly the solution i was hoping for  :)


I implemented the checkCollisons in the callback, like this:

BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "", "1932.babylon", scene, function (newMeshes, particleSystems, skeletons){for(var i=0; i<scene.meshes.length; i++)    scene.meshes[i].checkCollisions=true;});

After this change I feel the "game" got more laggy however. Is there a better (performance enhancing) way to this. My scene consist of a 3 floor house I want to move around in, in a fps way.

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