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Universal connector for HTML5 games


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I'm thinking about creating a general API that would make sponsor API integrations almost effortless.


The different sponsor APIs have the same methods (set language, set branding (logo, splash screen, more games button), submit score, pause / resume game) and events (game started / paused / resumed, game is over, level complete), but the actual technical implementation is vastly different.


The idea is that instead of dealing with many different APIs, there should be only one that you have to integrate and other APIs would communicate with the game through this universal connector.


What do you think about that? Would you use it? Would sponsors support it?



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I think it's a great idea - especially for us developers - but I think it's very doubtful that sponsors would embrace it - they already have their own systems up and it doesn't seem like they have any problems getting more than enough new content for their sites despite this. 

FGL are currently trying to do somewhat the same with their new html5 game shop .. a universal API that supports most of the necessary stuff like leaderboards, branding and so forth plus a one stop shop solution for finding and testing games .. and as far as I can tell it has not at all gained the attention or amount of sales that they expected/hoped for... 

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