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Clone accounting in DebugLayer?


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I just got thru testing, and getting to work perfectly, the lowest level of my dialog system.  I then added a checkbox to toggle debug layer in my test page.  I am not really sure what this vert summary data is, but Active verts cannot be 123K no matter what it is defined to be.


1st, the Total Meshes is wrong.  Eyeballing / counting the # from the Meshes Tree, I get about 100.  The ones with a '_nn' suffix are clones.  Looks like clones are double counted in the Total Meshes.


2nd,  Total Vertices seems to be defined as the total "DRAWN", not the total stored in the GPU.  Even this is not for sure, since clone verts could also double counted.  What is Total Vertices, a measure of drawing or GPU memory consumption?


I have no clue what an "Active" Mesh / vertex.


Also, it there a way to get summary of faces?




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Well,  I played with switching to 2D Fonts, & verts were way down, of course, but the relationship was the same.  Then, I put in a mesh creation counter in my base class & did get 166.


The total meshes is right.  I found that the Meshes Tree is just a single snapshot in time.  The picture above is from loading the page, then immediately clicking the "Debug Mode" checkbox, then clicking "Mesh Tree" in Options.  Afterward, I clicked the "Layout" menu button back in the dialog, which added the detailed meshes describing layouts.


Still do not understand what I have 123k of, given that 101 of the meshes are clones.

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My next level of sanity checking was putting in-line accounting into a TOB MeshFactory.  I already had the cloneCount, as that was used to build unique names.  Added originalVerts, & clonedVerts, and a function to report them.


At the same time as of the picture above:   these values + scene.getTotalVertices() were put in console.  See below.

clone count: 102originalVerts: 9584clonedVerts: 31296n verts: 42068

It originalVerts + clonedVerts only equals 40,880.  This # makes sense, since borders are not counted.  Also checkbox is in a different MeshFactory.


So total vertices includes cloned verts.  So what are active verts?

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Does my financial background show? :)   Sounds like another way to describe this is:   # of faces * 3.  Just a personal preference, but I would rather see this expressed in Faces, which would also have the benefit on not having to be defined in documentation.  (FYI, that doc page is cutoff on iOS)


This is my first use of this, and I liked it.  While frame rate is not important for dialogs, unless you have a text input field, I wanted to make sure I was actually disposing of GPU memory.  Sure enough, I had forgot one line.


BTW, as far as CPU memory leaks, does the garbage collector report anything in the way of memory in use?

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