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What appears to be implicit passing of arguments to a function


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Hi all,


I'm working with something concerning this Phaser example: http://phaser.io/examples/v2/animation/animation-events. Unfortunately, I'm having some problems with what I'm trying to do because of what seems to be implicit passing of arguments to the methods `animationStarted`, `animationLooped`, and `animationStopped`. For example:


How does this method:

function animationStarted(sprite, animation) {    game.add.text(32, 32, 'Animation started', { fill: 'white' });} 

Get its arguments when it's called like so?:

anim.onStart.add(animationStarted, this); 

This may just be something with JavaScript that I've looked over or something internal with Phaser, but I'd like to know how this "implicit" passing of arguments works. Thanks in advance :)

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