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Meshes translated to origin after Blender export


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I'm having a problem regarding meshes that is translated to origin during the process of exporting the Blender scene to Babylon file.


To be more specific:

In blender I have imported a model of a house. But I want to some modifcations on this. For example am I trying to create a ramp in the stairs to smoothen the movement going upstairs. I have done this by creating a plane witch i place over the stair (and later on make invisible). The plane is placed so the 4 vertexes of the plane intersects the vertexes of the top and bottom stair. In blender it looks perfect, but as I export it to a babylon file and renders it in the browser the plane/ramp has been translated to origin (0,0,0). All other meshes stays where they are suppose to. The plane I have added is the only mesh that is translated to origin. Rotation and scale stays however true to what it is assigned in Blender.


Is anyone familiar with this problem, and have a solution to it?


Thanks in advance.

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I added another dummy mesh to check if that mesh also would translate to origin. And it did. However that made the ramp to be placed at the correct spot on top of the stairs.


Even though I've found a soultion, it would be nice if anyone know why this is happening.

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I've encountered this kind of problems regarding the export of blender models to BJS. Most of these issues came from the parent-child relationships set between objects.


Could you please share all or parts of your blender file here, along with the part of the code you use to import these meshes?


Also, do you use a recent version of the exporter?

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