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phaser in jsfiddle


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Just poking around and tried to get phaser to work in a jsfiddle:




but for some reason it keeps erroring out with:


  1. Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'createGeomSprite' fiddle.jshell.net/triptych/w2nyt/show/:40
    1. Phaser.StateManager.loadCompletephaser-min.js:1
    2. Phaser.Game.loadCompletephaser-min.js:1
    3. Phaser.StateManager.startphaser-min.js:1
    4. Phaser.StateManager.addphaser-min.js:1
    5. Phaser.StateManager.bootphaser-min.js:1
    6. Phaser.Game.bootphaser-min.js:1
    7. _onBoot
Any idea what might be going on? I'm still just at baby steps to try things out.
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