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[WIP] Rubik's Cube viewer / player


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Let me present you my first personnal project on BabylonJS : Baby'ks Cube !!!


Basically, it's a simple view, rotate around a Rubik's Cube.

A button let you scramble the cube. Another let you solve it. And a third explode it !

Some other buttons allows you to rotate the faces, keyboard controls are implemented too.


The purpose of this project was to work with babylon js on one of my hobby. So, it has no new feature for babylon or huge works (except for the cube algorithms), but it simply work, using basics of babylon js. I'm proud of it and I wanted to share it with you  ^_^








The basic project is finished.


Possible improvements :

- Swip on faces to turn it [The Frenchie Cake told me that he will take a look]

- Change old blurry textures

- Keyboard controls

- Add 3D models of real pieces for exploded view

- Add a better scrambler (to follow official WCA rules)

- Avoid inverse moves (like U - U')

- Add help and info buttons


I'm open to any suggestions, ideas and other constructives things


Thanks for reading  :)


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Hey guys,


After posting it on reddit/r/Cubers , I had some posts asking if it is possible to turning around the cube totally.


I use an ArcRotateCamera, but when the camera is on top (or bottom), it stop turning.

I don't know if I'm clear, beta property of the ArcRotate hit maximum point (0) then bock it.




I thought about turning the cube around zero point, not camera around the cube, but it is impossible for some reasons in my code. If it's the only solution maybe I'll do it.


Have someone an idea to help me ?

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