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setting Ortho properties more than once


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If orthoTop, orthoBottom, orthoLeft, orthoRight are set, things are sized as I expected.  I now want to change these, but nothing happens.  Tried calling camera._updateCache(), but that makes everything disappear, presumably because it is now too small to be seen.  Directly setting the cache values very poor results as well.


I can probably ditch the camera and get a new one.  Sounds a little brutal though.

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It works for me with an arc rotate camera. Maybe this piece of code (ts) can help you : update on mouseWheel event  :

private mouseWheelEvent(event): void {              var delta: number = 0;        var zoom: number = 0;        if (event.wheelDelta) {            delta = -event.wheelDelta / 40;        } else if (event.detail) {            delta = event.detail;        }        zoom = this.camera.orthoTop + delta;        if (zoom < 1) zoom = 1;        this.camera.orthoTop = zoom;        //  compute left, right & bottom        this.upateOrthographic();    }    private upateOrthographic(): void {        var ratio: number = window.innerWidth / window.innerHeight;        var zoom: number = this.camera.orthoTop;        var newWidth: number = zoom * ratio;        this.camera.orthoLeft = -Math.abs(newWidth);        this.camera.orthoRight = newWidth;        this.camera.orthoBottom = -Math.abs(zoom);    }
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