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JSON to TypeScript class instance?


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Hey there,


I've done quite some research, but I'm not totally satisfied with what I found. Just to be sure here's my question: What is actually the most robust and elegant automated solution for deserializing JSON to TypeScript runtime class instances?

Say I got this class:

class Foo {  name: string;  GetName(): string { return this.name };}

And say I got this JSON string for deserialization:

{"name": "John Doe"}

What's the best and most maintainable solution for getting an instance of a Foo class with the name set to "John Doe" and the method GetName() to work? I'm asking very specifically because I know it's easy to deserialize to a pure data-object. I'm wondering if it's possible to get a class instance with working methods, without having to do any manual parsing or any manual data copying. If a fully automated solution isn't possible, what's the next best solution?


Thanks and cheers.


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Quick update in case anybody stumbles upon this thread. I found a solution to my problem. Basically, the following StackOverflow threads helped me achieve my goal:



http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29758765/json-to-typescript-class-instance (This one is created by me and holds the same question as this thread)



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