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Add text as child to group


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Hi Guys,


I was looking for an answer but could not find one so Im sorry if I missed and double post.


Im currently working on an small sidescroller game.


The enemies are created as group and come from the right into the scene.


what I would like to do is add a random name for the enemy displayed as text on top of the enemy,

and having the same physical propperties like it (eg gets killed/destroyd if the enemy dies, moves at same speed etc)

I suppose I can do this as child from the enemy but I have no idea how to add text this way especially for an "dynamic" text


I appreciate any help



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I think you can simply add your text as a child of your enemy sprite, e.g :



// your text : play with the 'x' and 'y' to position your text above your enemy sprite


var name = this.game.add.text(x, y, 'baddy', {font:'24px Arial', fill: '#FF0000', align: 'center'});



// I suppose yourEnemy is a phaser sprite defined in your code





Now your text should position itself in relation to its parent. If you set x and y to 0, the center of your text should be positionned to the top-left of your enemy sprite

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