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Synchronous XMLHttpRequest in iOS Facebook Webview crash


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Hi all!


I know this is a pretty obscure issue but I was hoping someone with experience with the Facebook iOS app and HTML5 games could help.

Currently I have a game that makes a synchronous ajax request to consume my company's API and retrieve data to use in the game. This is done in the Loading state. The goal was also to have the players be playing it in the Facebook webview since our ads would be focused there.


Now on most platforms the game plays fine. It receives the data and goes through the rest of the game execution fine. However on some iOS platforms, mainly iPhone 5S and 6, the call never starts and the game crashes as the data isn't received.

My question being, does anyone have experience with the Facebook webview on iOS that could maybe shed some light on why only on some devices is a synchronous ajax request bypassed and others it works fine? Maybe a security issue?


Any help at all would be appreciated, no matter how far-fetched!


Thanks in advance!!

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