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Help needed for better enemy AI


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Hey everyone!


I'm making a top-down game with waves, but the problem is the enemy AI.
As it stands now the enemy rotates and goes towards the player, but when they all go after the player they come close to each other and it looks silly, like this:



The thing is that I want the enemies to avoid eachother so they don't collide. If anybody knows how to do this, help is really appreciated! 

this is my code for their behavior:

enemy1Group.forEachAlive(function (enemy) {            enemy.body.rotation += 20,                enemy.body.collideWorldBounds = true,                enemy.body.velocity.x = 0,                enemy.body.velocity.y = 0,                chasePlayer(enemy);            ;        })        function chasePlayer(enemy) {            if (player.alive) {                game.physics.arcade.moveToObject(enemy, player, 150);            }        }


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