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Is someone using Google play game leaderboards with an HTML5 game?


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Hi there,

so I used to use clay.io for my leaderboards but to be honest, their service really sucks... Now I´m starting to use Google Play Games services but it´s a little bit confusing, does anyone know a good tutorial to implement this into a cocoonjs/phonegap game? (So far, no problem with an http hosted game)


Thanks in advance.

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More or less, GPGS is the same service for Android and iOS as well as it is for Web app/game. On the left panel there are tutorials about each platform. My guess is you will code JavaScript :) since phonegap and cocoon.js are JS frameworks. Not sure though how you will implement it, never used cocoon and phonegap before.


Youc could also try https://github.com/cranberrygame/com.cranberrygame.phonegap.plugin.game

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Howdy! We announced a few months back we're deprecating the old version of the API with leaderboards. The new SDK is still pretty limited, but much more robust (https://github.com/claydotio/clay-sdk-base). Do note that it's missing most of the social features from the previous version.


Google Play Services is probably the best alternative. 

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Yep, so since May 1st the old API is deprecated and I can´t use the new one because you´ve been in beta for ages (and still you´re) and it seems that no one can use that beta, really cool.


So, what to do now with clay.io? NOTHING. I can´t do anything at all, I can´t use the old API because you deprecated it and I can´t use the new one because I resquested a beta user months ago, for several times and I had no answer.


Seriously, I don´t like to say this, but your service really sucks.



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