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Forum with more categories for Babylon


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The Babylon forum starts to have much topics within hours, much of topics are only contributions. I think that it would be necessary to add several categories to separate the subjects from the contributions, the questions and the of bugs.

There I find that in the forum, all this mixes. It would be interesting to have a forum suitable for Babylon which would make it possible to add other categories (contribution, questions, bugs, others…)


This is only a suggestion for better organize this forum

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Another way, grouping by genre:  (the '/'s do not mean hierarchy, just part of the category)

- Importing / Exporting & Building / Packaging

- Positioning / Rotating  / Animating

- Materials / Cameras / Lights

- Meshes

- Other


The reason I think this way is, if someone had a question about "Blender' they would go to 'Importing / Exporting & Building / Packaging'.  All previous i/o topics would be there.  In theory, Tags could be used, but they are not always set.


Have a question about Reflections, then 'Materials / Cameras / Lights'.



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Your idea JCP are only for questions of arranging more in details. Me I see a forum for all that is Bugs which would contain only of bugs. another for the contributions or there would be only contributions. another for the questions.
I think that could be sufficient. After for all that is question, to if required make under-forum of questions of detailing more with what JCP proposes, but I think that will make much under-forum with the final one.


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  • 2 months later...
I raise this subject. I have more and more difficult to follow the forum (have one page about by day).
It would easier with several categories to separate the various subject and more easily find what you're looking :
- Questions/help an categorie
- various discussion an other
- contributions/sharing of resources/scripts/fonctionnality an other.
- and the bug potential an other.
short, I find it difficult to follow the forum if we want to follow all and not just writing a question.
I propose:
  • Contributions & sharing 
  • Discutions (of game, babylon, projet...)
  • Help
  • Bugs


This would be possible?




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Nobody seems to have onions on the subject. I do not know why people said nothing? It would however be better for everyone I think. Nobody is against the organization of the forum, otherwise people would give a opinons to say they are against I guess or someone others should ask the same question in a more correct English, maybe there would have more response. my English is bad, people do not take the trouble to read me may be.  :(

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I said something earlier.  Think most people want help.  They do not always know if it is their problem or a bug. What about keeping the main folder like today,  for most things that could fall into more than one category.  Yet add some sub folders that definitely are specific.


Question is what are good sub topics.  One I can think of would be mobile.

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I would just like to have more opinions


Well for what it is worth, I would go with something along the lines of the structure JCP advocates.


Looking at dad72's suggestions, I can see a category of "Contributions & sharing" as being useful and possibly "Discutions (of game, babylon, projet...)" - though i would like a little more explanation of what this latter topic might cover.


However, the "Help" seems still overly broad - most of what we see on the forum today seems to be about help. And "Bugs" - if I can't get a piece of javascript code to work it may just possibly be a bug, but it is more likely that I need help :o


And then there are posts like those of Jerome - which are essentially about new features for BJS.


So - just my first thoughts on the issue - but realizing that I don't come from a coder's point of view..


cheers, gryff :)

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- Yes, Contributions & sharing would be good, could be found there that people want to share, the contributions, extension, but also others such as the network node server for games that I share here ...
- Bugs, this allow deltakosh I think for a better organization of what is potentially a bug and members to know where to post their bugs.This will also separate the bugs other important subjects. (Must also think to search the forum, a search help, not the bugs. And can more easily find answers to questions)
- The help & discussions (Current forum) would combine everything that people want to talk: their games/projects requests you help, topic as wingnut often to share his experiments and other ...

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Current posts may be moved by any members with 'temporary' permission is only displace bugs and contributions. The messages Discussing/Technical questions would stay in the current forum.


I propose to help if you give me permission 'temporary' displace subjects.  ;)

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