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Keyframe 1 --> Keyframe 0


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3D jedi-knights, hi !  :)


I found strange behavior keyframes in animations.

If use keyframe#1 without keyframe#0 BABYLON add keyframe#0 forcibly.




but, such animation can be load from .babylon file and do not corrected automatically, while animation do not play.

And "correction" insert one more extra frame, how broke animation.


Can comment this situation? It bug or a features? :)

Advise please how i must do in situation? Find and edit such keys or something else?

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Hello ! 


Indeed, Babylon adds an extra frame 0 if it is missing : 

// Adding a start key at frame 0 if missingif (this._keys[0].frame !== 0) {  var newKey = { frame: 0, value: this._keys[0].value };  this._keys.splice(0, 0, newKey);}

But it should not break your animation. Try this: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1R5Y6W#5

I just replace the setInterval by setTimeout and the alert by console.log.


Is it better ?

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Thanks for fast answer!


But it not change meaning. For cyclic animation one more frame is stop animation for a moment (insert frame) :(

Anyway - if it normal behavior for BABYLON i try find solution. It's a pity engine not do this at once after file loading.

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And worse case, you are free to remove the automatically added key :)


Yes, in total, i simple delete extra frame :)


2 Temechon: M...why 1/60? - i can set any play speed for animation. Slowest values (if it ok for scene) save resources... or not?

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Your animation will run at 60 frame per second: it's only one frame, so 1/60 second.


hmm....  not understand :(


I can set any fps for animation. 24, 25, 30, etc.

Why 60? Please, drop link in documentation or other place, where it explained.

new Animation(name, targetProperty, framePerSecond, dataType, loopMode)
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60 is the standard value for fluid animations, but indeed yo ucan set the value you want with framePerSecond...

So let me rephrase: 


Your animation will run at framePerSecond frame per second: it's only one frame, so 1/framePerSecond second.


In all cases, not much time :)

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