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Test Coverage for PIXI.JS


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There is currently no test coverage for PIXI.JS.

Are there any ideas how coverage of pixi.js could be generated?


I have a very similar setup for my project ( pixi_ui - it is using everything that PIXI uses: gulp, testem, mocha+chai) and I think I will keep following PIXI (well... as long as it makes sense).

But I have not found an easy solution that generates a coverage report for mocha+chai tests.

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Hi xerver,


thank you for your answer, I already took a small look at istanbul and blanket.js (and jscoverage) but how do I get them running with testem?


There is a testem-istanbul example here:


but running an own server for tests seems wrong (I think that is the only solution for now, I will try it later if I do not get something else running).


Accoring to the blanket documentation I just need to reference the blanket.js-file in the HTML for my test runner and add the data-cover attribute for all embedded js-files I want to test, but there is no HTML file for the tests in PIXI, so how do I create this?!


For jscoverage (and other tools) I tired modifying the "launchers"->"node"->"command". But then the ./test/setup.js gets ignored and testem does not find chai anymore.


So it all sounds easy but especially for the combination of tools in this setup (gulp, testem, browserify and chai) I can not find a way to get the coverage.

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Hi xaver,


thank you for your help, but I still can not get any coverage.



I tried the istanbul-coverage server solution, but that only generates an empty report.



Adding the required "data-cover" for the files I want to test is not possible for a generated index file, or can I specify the files somewhere else?


Everything else:

I still have the problem that I can not run the tests from command line calling mocha directly. The command in the testem.json "launchers"->"node"->"command" does not work because it does not find chai.

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Running this in the pixi.js-folder:

./node_modules/.bin/mocha -r chai bin/pixi.js test/setup.js test/unit/**/*.test.js -R tap --recursive ./test/unit

finds chai, but it fails because without a browser document is not defined.

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Using karma I was able to run my tests in a browser and generated a text-based coverage (the html output jasmine in combination with browserify does not work).

My karma config can be found here:


(based on https://github.com/karma-runner/karma-coverage/issues/16 )


Because I want cool HTML-coverage I will dive into blanket next.

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I run browserify manually and load the file in the browser. I only get coverage for the combined .js file. But I can work with this, it is better than to the karma-jasmine solution because now I see which lines exactly are not covered by tests (instead of just numbers in the jasmine-solution).

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