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Hi guys !!!!  I have a workflow that`s very good to make animation in babylon.js.  Thanks for this project.  I am recording animation with a kinect that is giving me a bvh file.  After, I am putting this animation into my model using Blender.  But I want to bypass Blender because creating a model with animation in Blender takes about 15 minutes to be transform in a babylon.js file.  Is there a way I can skip Blender and taking my animation in babylon.js and just introducing my new bvh file....  

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H again b!  https://github.com/hitsujiwool/bvh maybe? 


If you know how to change the topic title of this thread, I would do so, if I were you.  Maybe name it something like "BVH directly to BJS?"


Something like that.  Try to mention bvh in its title... for future forum searches... if possible.  (thx bud)


Ok, yeah, Google search for ....  'bvh to JS' ... gave me some good results.  So did 'bvh to webGL'.  Find a decent bvh parser, and you will be on your way to fun, I would say.  I don't think there is any bvh tools yet built into BJS.  But I sure could be wrong... a common thing for me.  :)


Also, our superhero David Catuhe is nearby, and he wrote a book on Kinect... and I think he had SOMETHING to do with BJS core dev, too.  I bet... if you caught ol' DC in the right mood, he'd give you his "Kinect-to-BJS Toolkit" that he has tucked-away somewhere on his harddrive.  ;)

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Thanx wingnut.... I have more time on my side because teaching season is almost done and I will definitively work on that bvh parsing. David (deltakosh) can I trade some babylon 5 memorabilia against the bjs kinect stuff ;) And now that I am more experience with javascript etc.. I hope I will be able to build something decent for the community.



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