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this.game.device.cocoonJS not working?


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Hi there,

weird thing at least for me... I´m testing my game in my Cocoon js Laucher and this.game.device.cocoonJS is giving me false, also, this.game.device.cocoonJSApp is giving me false too.


I tried 4 different alerts and just the last one, running if firefox is giving me the right result, does anyone know why is this hapenning? I´m pretty sure I´m running this in cocoon :o (Phaser 2.3.0 and cocoonjs launcher 2.1.1)

alert(this.game.device.cocoonJS) //false in CocoonJS Launcheralert(this.game.device.cocoonJSApp) //false in CocoonJS Launcheralert(this.game.device.cordova)alert(this.game.device.firefox) //true in Firefox (as expected)
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