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Found 11 results

  1. I was posting this thread at the wrong place (it was in Phaser 2). OK, I am having a very bad time with clickable objects. It works perfectly on desktop browser but when I run it on my Android mobile the hot spot is totally off. Please refer to the attached picture to have an idea what I am talking about. The blue square is the clickable object (it's a .png picture). Tapping the object won't fire the input event but if I tap around the position where I draw the marquee it will. In other words, the clickable area is off of the picture. I found this thread where the OP had a similar issue and mentioned that is could be related to the mobile devicePixelRatio when using Phaser.CANVAS but I couldn't establish a coherent relationship between the DPR and the displacement (otherwise it could be "compensated" with code). I really cannot see how to solve this. I am about to give up Phaser and try a different engine. Any idea?
  2. Hello, I have my canvas stretching 100% width and height of the page. When running it in a small resolution screen and in a big resolution screen, the whole thing is scaled up. Is there any simple way to simple increase the radius of the camera based on the device resolution instead of having everything scale up? (Everything stays the same size just like regular html elements)
  3. OK, this is weird. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why my image objects wasn't firing when I tapped on it (it works on desktop). After several tests I noticed that it happened that on mobile screen the clickable area was off of the image (displaced). I found that someone had a similar issue and figured that it had something to do with devicepixelratio when using Phaser.CANVAS. I couldn't test with Phaser.AUTO because my mobile throws a WebGL error when I try to use it. Any idea how to fix this issue? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I want change between differents camera depends on the devices. I am developing an aplicaton web in BabylonJS and I must to define FPSCamera and TouchCamera. When this web is loaded at mobile device I have to activate the touch camera and if I visit it from pc I use FPSCamera. Do you know the way to manage it? Thanks!
  5. I've been building a little scene that is driven by a number of sound files (9) using this kind of code: sound1 = new BABYLON.Sound("sound1", "sound1.mp3", myScene, soundReady, { loop: false, volume: theVolume }); sound2 = new BABYLON.Sound("sound2", "sound2.mp3", myScene, soundReady, { loop: false, volume: theVolume }); sound3 = new BABYLON.Sound("sound3", "sound3.mp3", myScene, soundReady, { loop: false, volume: theVolume }); ... sound9 = new BABYLON.Sound("sound9", "sound9.mp3", myScene, soundReady, { loop: false, volume: theVolume }); function soundReady() { soundsReady++; .... } Everything worked nicely when I tested it on my XP machine in Firefox. But then I started testing it in a variety of browsers I have on my machines - and then I started getting problems. So Windows 7 - Chrome and Firefox only Windows 10 - Chrome, Firefox and Edge Samsung Tablet (Android 5 - "Lollipop") - Chrome, but only if repeatedly I clear out the browser cache. ( Drove me crazy for several days ) Today I found this list : Can I Use : Web Audio API Is that the best summation of the current situation? And is it telling me that Apple devices will be a problem without fancy coding? cheers, gryff
  6. Note5 or Galaxy S6 has devicePixelRatio of 4, how do you guys handle different image to be responsive to all the different device aspect ratio and devicePixelRatio?
  7. Is there a way to detect the device's resolution on which the game is running? I'd like to scale things in my game based on that. For some reason, when I try my game on a different PC monitor, the height is not always the same so a black bar at the bottom is shown whenever I scroll the camera down. On my PC monitor, that bar isn't shown and it is limited to the edges of the map I am using.
  8. Hi there, weird thing at least for me... I´m testing my game in my Cocoon js Laucher and this.game.device.cocoonJS is giving me false, also, this.game.device.cocoonJSApp is giving me false too. I tried 4 different alerts and just the last one, running if firefox is giving me the right result, does anyone know why is this hapenning? I´m pretty sure I´m running this in cocoon (Phaser 2.3.0 and cocoonjs launcher 2.1.1) alert(this.game.device.cocoonJS) //false in CocoonJS Launcheralert(this.game.device.cocoonJSApp) //false in CocoonJS Launcheralert(this.game.device.cordova)alert(this.game.device.firefox) //true in Firefox (as expected)
  9. Hi, I am trying to use the following line - before game initialization - to detect if the game will be running on desktop and set a specific size. if(Phaser.Device.desktop)This return always false. Please show me the right way. Thank you Yaniv
  10. Hi! Just want to ask, may be useful to others too. What is your minimum mobile device requirements for your HTML5 games in both iOS and Android (and Windows 8 device if you like)? If you're only using accelerators like CocoonJS, please mention it. Adding a released game example based on the requirements would be useful too. =D Mine is iPod Touch 4th gen and Galaxy S2. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I'm currently building a reusable framework in GameMaker Studio that deals with scaling and orientation on mobile and tablet devices, that I can build all of my future html5 games on. All of my games will be made at either 320x480 or 480x320, and I plan to offer them to sponsors and portals. When dealing with devices with a screen resolution of 320x480, such as iPhones, displaying the game at 1:1 ratio will mean that a portion of the game at the bottom will not be visible under the browser bar, and so would be filled with a logo or filler graphics perhaps. The issue is that because GameMaker studio makes it so easy to export to other formats I also plan to release the same games as iOS and Android native apps. Designing this way would mean that I have to design two versions of the game; a native version taking up the entire screen and an html5 version that fits within the iOS bars. (I've hidden the top browser bar but you can't remove the bottom browser bar or top iOS bar). The scaling solution I've come up with takes the entire 320x480 canvas and scales it up or down to fill whatever space it can, whilst still respecting aspect ratio. However on iPhone this leaves scrollable spaces at either side, as shown below: This solution is the easiest for me as I only need to design each game to fit 320x480 and then scale it up or down to suit, but would sponsors (booster media for example) be happy with this or could it hinder my chances? Thanks in advance. Edit: I wasn't sure whether to put this in the coding or sponsor section so feel free to move it if necessary!
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