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Help me with spelling. I'm writing letter to sponsors.


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Please let me know if I made mistakes.



We glad to show you our new game – *******. We are looking for good exclusive sponsor deal for it.

The game has original concept and might be interesting to a wide public. It's a puzzle game with simple and captivating gameplay. It has a great level design and nice reward system. The graphic is bright and colorful and the style is cute/charming and cartoony. The sounds are original and pleasant.


In the game player summons the cubes from sides to complete the level pattern.

The challenge is to place the blocks in a way that doesn't obstruct blocks of another color.

Player can get up to 3 stars per level. Stars give coins. Stars are given for a good scores. To get best scores you should make highest combos. And a small reward for every block on the field turns into one coin when you win.

Player spends coins to build a nice playground with a cute flying pet.


Please try out our game and let us know if your intrested to buy it!

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We're glad to show you our new game – *******. Ideally we are looking for an exclusive sponsorship deal.

It's an original puzzle game combining simple and captivating gameplay that we hope will appeal to a wide audience.

The game includes: great level design, an enticing reward system, colorful and appealing presentation with original sound design.

<< the description of gameplay here I didn't really understand and makes the game appear quite complicated, consider simplifying and making it sound more appealing! >>

Please give our game a try and let us know what you think!

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