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Code frozen for 2.1


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Is there a roughly planned rythm for releases in the year ?


If not, I would suggest to think about it (yeaaahh another endless debate  :D ).


In one hand, keeping the freedom to adapt the release rythm to the contributions or major changes rythm is really a good thing for an open-source project and denotes its  great vitality.

In the other hand, having too much or not enough releases a year, or too big uncertainty is a real problem for users who have softs in production : providing a certain previsibility on stable versions is a real plus and could bring our framework a (even) better trust among pro or commercial users.


So ...


Maybe targetting a middle path would be nice.

It is to say, not to fix in stone a regular and contractual roadmap years after years, but perhaps to commit to have a quite regular number of yearly releases... say between 4 and 6 max a year


don't know  :unsure:

thoughts ?

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seems like things could slow down, especially since doc site redo looks like next thing.  Frame work already well featured & getting very big at this point.  If commercial users want stuff, they can always fork, and PR.


I've only got 1 thought for 2.2.  Another refactoring exercise.  That is plug-in-play of camera aiming.  Give customers the choice between say gamepad, mouse, device orientation, webVR, or virtual joystick.  Why should this be decided at design time, & by the developer?

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